Our staff of full-time loss control professionals has both technical and practical knowledge in blasting, blast monitoring, drilling, transportation, explosives storage and procedures.

Minimizing risk is essential for businesses in the commercial explosives industry.  Our loss control experts are focused on identifying and evaluating exposures, and delivering effective risk management strategies so that you can reduce your potential for loss, manage the impact of losses and the costs associated with them. 

As part of our comprehensive loss control offering, we will provide you, regardless of the size of your company, with expertise and guidance that will help you run your business more safely and in compliance with the multitude of regulations: 

  • On-Site Operational Surveys

  • Safety Audits

  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews

  • Driver Training Assistance

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Support

  • Lancer Compliance Hotline

  • Safety publications and materials to help you develop and maintain a first-class safety program.

Online Services
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